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Design flaw in GTF engine cost Pratt and Whitney $1.2billion

Design flaw in GTF engine cost Pratt and Whitney $1.2billion

by Kiriakos Tsakiridis -
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March 17, 2018

Fixing the design flow in geared turbofan engines will cost the company around $50million, said the Pratt and Whitney. The Airlines and Airbus have been reporting engine failures on A320s, and last week, Indian Authorities grounded all aircraft powered by PW1100G engines beyond ESN (Engine Serial Number) 450.

The design flaw identified in about 100 engines January this year will cost the manufacture $50 million to fix. said the P&W chief executive Bob Leduc. He added that by Thursday the company has recalled 22 of the 55 new engines that was delivered to Airbus and the rest 33 will be recalled in April.
The faulty knife-edge seal in the high pressure compressor which caused the engine to shutdown during takeoff and in-flight, has to be replaced with the new seal. The manufacturer will replace the knife-edge seals with new-design seals in all of those recalled engines from Airbus along with 43 engines in-service with airlines.

The $50 million recall cost due to knife-edge seal problem will increase the company’s losses on geared turbofan engine deliveries this year to almost $1.2 billion, Leduc says.

In spite of design flaw, Pratt and Whitney plans to deliver 750-800 engines in 2018, more than 2500 engines over the next three years, and expects more than 10,000 GTFs will enter service by 2025.