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Pilot error – VIM airlines Boeing 737 runway excursion…-Investigation report.

Pilot error – VIM airlines Boeing 737 runway excursion…-Investigation report.

by Kiriakos Tsakiridis -
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On 17 February 2017 VIM Airlines, Boeing 737-524, VP-BVS, taking off from the Runway 18 at Riga International Airport deviated sharply to the right, traveled along the grass to the side of the runway for approximately 600m and collided with the RVR installation and power boxes before regaining the runway, therefore both engines were full of mud, dirt and grass.
The aircraft involved in serious incident was on the scheduled flight from Riga International airport (EVRA) to Ufa International airport (UWUU).

Damage to the aircraft:
Left MLG cracked and L/H Engine Inlet Cowl Inner and Outer, Overboard Fan Cowl Panel were damaged. R/H Leading Edge Slat was damaged.
Both engine’s LPC Stators were consists dirt, mud and grass due to the aircraft excursion from RWY.

Human Error
FDR data and CVR recordings show that the Pilot Flying hadn’t decided to start the Rejected takeoff procedure when the airplane deviated heading more than 20 degrees and the aircraft was from the runway.(Crew should have rejected the takeoff)

Following “Flight crew action in Runway excursion” was not carried out.
– Check the pressure of the hydraulic system.
– Don’t attempt continue taxi after run off from runway.
– Shut down engines if they not be switched off before skidding from Runway.
– Register the time of event.
– Inform Tower supervisor about event and require airport traffic controller of Runway
Friction coefficient.
– Require of towing vehicle and, etc.

The flight crew operation was not coordinated in accordance with the take-off procedure.
Root Cause:
– The FO (copilot) didn’t act upon the aircraft Flight Manual requirements in the takeoff procedure.
– Insufficient training skills of the flight crew in the Standard Operational Procedures.
– The flight crew didn’t report of any technical failures in the previous flight.

Contributing causes
– Short-term technical failure of the thrust control system.
– The rejected takeoff (RTO) procedure wasn’t initiated immediately after the technical
– Erroneous decision to continue the moving after the run off from the runway surface.

Primary cause
Human Factor in an abnormal flight situation.