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The next generation Aircraft propulsion system…

The next generation Aircraft propulsion system…

by Kiriakos Tsakiridis -
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The next generation aircraft propulsion could be by the use of NanoElectroFuel (NEF) flow batteries.

The system is the integration of NanoElectroFuel (NEF) flow batteries with rim-driven electric motors to produce aircraft propulsion system. The NEF will provide safe, clean and quiet propulsion system for aircraft.

Rim-driven Motor
The shaft-less rim-driven thruster (RDT) has become an attractive ship propulsion device in the marine industry in recent years, and now that can be used in Aircraft. In the Rim-driven thruster the propeller blades are mounted on a ring, which constitutes the rotor of an electric motor.
The rotor is driven directly by the electro-magnetic forces, and no shaft and gearbox needed.

Nanoelectrofuels are a new type of nanotechnology-based high energy density liquid storage medium that can be used in combination with uniquely designed flow batteries

NanoElectroFuel (NEF) flow batteries

NanoElectroFuel (NEF) flow battery uses two nanoelectrofuels electrodes— one anode and one cathode fuel that are stored externally. These fluid are pumped through a flowcell inside the larger cell which discharges to energy to load.

NEF battery stores energy in liquid form and allows to use the same way as gasoline.To charge the NanoElectroFuel, the user plugs into the grid or replaces the spent fuel with charged NanoElectroFuel. Fuel storage capacity is limited by the tank and not by cell size.