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Rolls-Royce found durability issues on engines powering Boeing 787s

Rolls-Royce found durability issues on engines powering Boeing 787s

by Kiriakos Tsakiridis -
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Rolls Royce said to have found durability issues on another version (package B) of Trent 1000 engines, while  being focusing on durability issue affecting the Intermediate Pressure Compressor in Trent 1000 engines, known as Package C engines.

While carrying out engineering analysis and engine tests on Package C engines, Rolls Royce said to have identified similar Intermediate Pressure Compressor durability issue on a small number of high life Package B engines, and agreed to carry out further inspection on all Trent 1000 Package B engines, which power Boeing 787s.

The Package B standard has been in service on Boeing 787s since 2012 and consists of 166 engines. This brings to the total of 549 engines that will have to be inspected and would anger the airlines as they are already grounding aircraft and leasing from other airlines to keep their route network. 

The new set of issues also will incur additional cost to the group as its existing issues will already cost the group some £750m up to 2019 and potentially a further £200m after that.

These inspections will be supported by an EASA Airworthiness Directive which will be published in the coming days,