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Emirates unveils, virtual windows on Boeing 777 first class suite

Emirates unveils, virtual windows on Boeing 777 first class suite

by Kiriakos Tsakiridis -
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JUNE 7, 2018
In future, will you be comfortable flying in aircraft without real windows?..

The Emirates has unveiled a new first class suite featuring virtual windows on its latest Boeing Aircraft. The passengers could experience the virtual windows on Emirates latest Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

The fibre-optic camera technology, will beam in the images from the outside and project them onto the full display window screens. The images projected from outside the aircraft, is almost like real binoculars for scoping out their surroundings.

The window-less frame will strengthens the airplane structure, because traditionally the manufactures have to build support structures around the windows. It also will reduce the weight and pave way aircraft to be lighter and fly faster.

However, with regards to safety, Douglas Drury from the University of South Australia told ABC news “The idea that we have to look out and have the window shades raised during take-offs and landings is in the event of an emergency,” “He says having windows in critical points on the airplane, where you can have a clear view out onto the wings or where emergency exits are, could be a compromise.”