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Air tragedies in Cuba- a timeline

Air tragedies in Cuba- a timeline

by Kiriakos Tsakiridis -
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MAY 19, 2018

A Boeing 737-200 registration XA-UHZ, operated by Cubana de Aviación, crashed shortly after takeoff at Jose Marti International Airport in Cuba.
The 39 year old Boeing 737, flight #CU972 with 104 passengers and a crew consisted of five Mexican nationals, with two pilots and three cabin crew, crashed at 12:08 in Santiago de Las Vegas, about 10km from Havana airport, killing more than 100.

Cubana de Aviación, the national airline of Cuba has had troubled history following the US economic embargo. The airline had been largely reliant on Russian and European aircraft. Maintenance of its fleet consists of relatively old aircraft has been a constant challenge with difficulty in sourcing out for parts.

According to Yahoo, Air tragedies in Cuba; a timeline;
4 Nov 2010 : Aero Caribbean ATR 72 flight 883 crashed with the loss of 68 lives, due to a build up of ice combined with poor decision-making by the pilots.

25 Dec 1999: Cubana flight 310 from Havana to Valencia in Venezuela hit high ground on the approach. All 22 people on board the Russian-built Yak 42 aircraft died

21 Dec 1999: Cubana American-built DC10-30, flight 1216 overran the runway in the Guatemalan capital and ran into an area of housing. Sixteen people on board the aircraft and two people on the ground were killed.

29 Aug 1998: Cubana Russian-built Tupolev 154M, flight 389 failed to get off the ground in the thin air of Quito’s high-altitude airport. Seventy people on board and 10 on the ground lost their lives.

11 July 1997 : Cubana Ukrainian-made Antonov 24, flight 787 was flying from Havana to Santiago, crashed into the water shortly after takeoff, killing all 44 on board.

24 Oct 1990 : Cubana Yak 40, flight 2886 was flying from Camaguey to Santiago., In poor weather it hit high ground about five miles from the airport, killing 11 on board.

3 Sept 1989: Cubana Russian-built Ilyushin 62M, flight 9646 from Havana to Milan, In poor weather aircraft failed to gain height after take-off and crashed in an inhabited area, killing 14 people on the ground and all 126 people on board the plane.

19 Jan 1985: A Cubana Ilyushin 18D, crashed shortly after take-off from Havana for Managua in Nicaragua, killing all 38 on board. It is thought that cargo may have shifted on board.

6 Oct 1976: Cubana flight 455, an American-built DC8 aircraft, was flying from Barbados to Kingston when a terrorist bomb exploded, causing a fire and loss of control. All 73 people on board died.